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An 'upside-down' apartment extension for a family member.



The Clients wished to construct an extension to house family members on this steep site. The design was to take maximum advantage of the views from the site. The apartment needed to have some sense of separateness from the rest of the house.




The main strategic decision taken was the decision to put the living accommodation on the upper level and the bedrooms on the lower.

Because of the way the site falls away, the upper level of the apartment is continuous with the ground floor of the existing house.  This allows a continuity of day spaces between the house and the apartment but it also allows users of the apartment to enjoy the superb views from an elevated position towards the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The new apartment is connected back to the existing house via a glazed link which allows connection and separation at the same time.

The apartment sits comfortably in its surroundings and the occupants have the full benefit of extended family support.


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