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Family Flats

Self-contained accommodation provided within the family home or attached to it in an extension for a family member is generally known as a ‘family flat’...

The creation of such a flat or apartment may involve the conversion of part of the house or garage or the family flat may be housed in a designated extension attached to the house. Attaching an extension to an existing house to house an elderly parent or adult child of the family is a popular way of providing the required accommodation whilst leaving the existing house configuration relatively unaffected.

The layout and design of the flat should be such that it is interlinked with the existing dwelling and that it is capable of being readily subsumed back into existing primary home in the future.

There are many reasons why the provision of a family flat may be a suitable solution.

  • Such accommodation greatly facilitates mutual family support: support of aging parents or the housing of a disabled family member, for example.

  • It is a cost-effective way of providing accommodation as there is no need to purchase a site given that a site can frequently be more expensive than the cost of constructing the actual accommodation upon it.

  • The family member may wish to remain in the area.

S J CARROLL & CO ARCHITECTS can provide full architectural services in connection with your project. We can be contacted at or 086 8293293

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