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Help on looking after a Protected Structure or Period House

Some of our most beautiful and treasured period homes have been designated as Protected Structures. Repairing and maintaining these buildings properly can be challenging for the homeowner. Where can information be found to assist in this?

We think that the very best source of information in this area is the Advice Series published by the Architectural Heritage Advisory Unit of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. These are a very useful series of illustrated booklets to guide homeowners and those responsible for historic buildings on how best to repair and maintain them.

These booklets can be purchased from Government Publications either directly or via mail. Alternatively, they can be found online as follows:

Click on the ‘Department of Housing, Local Govt and Heritage Advice Series’ to select and download pdf-format manuals on historic windows, roofs, brickwork, ironwork, general maintenance etc.

Whilst the manuals do contain a lot of very useful technical information, they are generally very comprehensible to the ordinary (non-specialist) homeowner. They give a considerable amount of information on the history, materials, repair techniques etc that will help you understand the elements of your historic building and suggest useful strategies for approaching the whole topic of maintenance and repair.

Another very useful webpage to go to is

S J CARROLL & CO ARCHITECTS can provide full architectural services in connection with your project. We can be contacted at or 086 8293293

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