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A thorough refurbishment of a mews house in Monkstown.

a before photo of house



The Clients wanted their 1980s mews house to be completely refurbished.  They were particularly concerned that much more natural light should be brought into the interior of the house. It was also considered extremely important that the maximum use would be made of the small site which has minimal space to the front and rear. The house was to display their collections of paintings and pieces collected when they lived abroad.





It was decided to pave the front and back gardens to allow the owners to inhabit these spaces for as much of the year as possible.

A notional axis (as a line of sight) was defined through the site from the back wall to the front wall to link the internal ground floor rooms and the front and back external spaces and open them up to one another.


Natural light was brought into the interior of the house through roof lights and through increasing the area of glass on the external walls where possible.

the rear extension and back garden redesigned
kitchen view
stairhall view
the plan of the house
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